Zombie Mod - dead block zombie defense

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Get ready for a thrilling zombie-filled adventure with Zombie Mod - dead block zombie defense. In this intense arcade-style game, you'll need to use your skills, brains, and psychological strength to survive waves of relentless zombies. With various types of zombies coming at you from every direction, you'll need to use all of your resources to stay alive. But beware, once you die, you'll have to start all over again. So join the fight and become a strong survivor in this noob vs pro battle to the death. From zombies in the school to zombies in the garden, you'll face challenges everywhere you turn. Test your skills and see how long you can survive in Zombie Mod - dead block zombie defense.

Press A/D to move around. Press E to shoot. Press SPACE to take gun.
Mobile: hold arrows to move around. Tap shoot button to kill enemies.


Action Adventure Gun Shooting