Uphill Rush 11

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In Uphill Rush 11, you can choose from a variety of inflatable rings and waterscooters to race down wild and wacky waterslides on a cruise ship. Perform impressive jumps and speed through the tube slides, all while avoiding other swimmers in the pool. With a variety of levels and challenges, Uphill Rush 11 is a fun and exciting action game that will keep you entertained for hours. Whether you're a fan of the Uphill Rush series or just looking for a new racing game to try, Uphill Rush 11 is sure to provide an exciting and thrilling experience.

Use the arrow keys to keep your balance. If you capsize, you’ll have to start over! When the lightning icon is loaded, you can activate a speed boost by tapping the space bar. Collect coins to upgrade your swimmers and your float’s power stats.


Action Arcade Racing