The Last Man

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Get ready to experience heart-pumping fear with The Last Man, a top-down survival horror game that will have you racing to escape from a facility overrun by aliens. As the last remaining human, you must use all your wits and resourcefulness to find and collect weapons and gear to help you navigate the dark and dangerous corridors. With the threat of being killed by the aliens at every turn, you'll need to stay on high alert and use all your skills to find a way out. Can you survive long enough to escape or will you become the next victim? Find out in The Last Man.

Controls WASD or arrow keys = move Left-click = shoot Right-click = pick up weapon or item Mouse scroll = change weapon R = reload T = ON / OFF thermal goggle N = ON / OFF night vision goggle M = ON / OFF Map Left-Shift / Space = run P = pause


Adventure Horror Shooting