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In SUSHI CHEF, players can become their own sushi chef and create a variety of delicious dishes. With a wide range of food and materials at their disposal, players can use their creativity to design and make their own sushi creations. The game also features an adventure parkour style of play, providing an element of surprise and challenge as players navigate through the game. In addition to traditional sushi making, players can also experience unique interactive parkour gameplay and exciting simulation production and design elements. Whether you're a sushi aficionado or just love cooking games, SUSHI CHEF has something for everyone.

Assassin battle mobile version this is a very simple assassin breakthrough game with hands. You can basically see the rough way of playing the game and painting style from the pictures of the game. The 3D pictures are also very fun. The content of the game is very wonderful. There will be many enemies in front of you along the way, And as long as you can make enough breakthroughs, your rewards will become very rich.


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