Super Spy Agent 46

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Get ready to become the ultimate spy with Super Spy Agent 46! This action-packed game puts you in the shoes of Agent 46, a highly skilled and deadly assassin with a reputation for getting the job done. With superior intelligence and physical abilities, you'll need to use your cunning and combat skills to take down hordes of enemies and complete your missions. Choose from a variety of weapons, including a double barreled shotgun and explosive crossbow, to take out your targets. Upgrade your weapons and unlock golden skins to become even more deadly. Can you rise to the challenge and become the ultimate Super Spy Agent 46?

Keyboard Control:
Action:WASD/Arrows Move
Mouse Aim
Space/J Jump or ascend or drift
LMB/Z Fire
RMB/X Grenade or descend
MouseWheel/Q/E Change weapon
A Jump / ascend / drift
Right Trigger/Shoulder/X Fire
Left Trigger/Shoulder/B Grenade or descend
Left/Right Change weapon
Left Shift Button Activate Slo-Mo Time
Y Enter/Exit


Action Gun Shooting