Spooky Tripeaks

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Get ready for a spooky twist on the classic game of Solitaire with Spooky Tripeaks. In this Halloween-themed game, you'll need to clear all 100 levels by creating chains of cards and using jokers and bonus cards to your advantage. You can earn bonus cards by clicking on the ghosts and other spooky characters that appear on the board. With challenging gameplay and a spooky atmosphere, Spooky Tripeaks is the perfect game for Halloween. Play now and see if you have what it takes to beat all 100 levels.

You have to draw cards one at a time from your stockpile. Select the cards that are higher or lower in value to your drawn card to remove it from the playing field. To complete a level you need to remove all the cards from the playing field without running out of cards from your stockpile.


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