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Description: is an exciting multiplayer zombie shooter game where players must fight for survival in a town overrun by the undead. Players can team up with their friends and work together to build a base and defend against the zombie horde, or choose to take on the challenge solo. With a variety of weapons, turrets, and landmines at your disposal, players must strategize and take out as many zombies as possible to achieve the highest score. The game also features unlockable bonuses and ammunition to help you take down the undead and emerge victorious. Play now for a heart-pumping, zombie-slaying experience.

If you shoot or enter in a car, zombies will hear you and will chase you
Find items on the ground or by destroying houses
Each 100 zombies killed, you can unlock an upgrade or a new building
If your car is stuck, remember to drift (Shift)


Movement: W, A, S, D or Arrow keys
Shoot: Left click
Place a building: Right click / B
Interact: SPACE
Run / Drift in car: Shift
Change weapon: Number / Click on it/ Mouse Wheel
Change building: Click on it


.IO Gun Multiplayer Shooting