Football Brawl

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Get ready for some intense football action with Football Brawl! This exciting game puts you on the field as you compete against your opponents in fast-paced matches filled with powerful kicks and quirky power-ups. Show off your skills and take control of the game as you use your moves and strategy to decimate your opponents. The fun doesn't stop there - with the emotes system, you can let your opponents know who the boss is and cement your place as a football legend. Whether you're a seasoned pro or new to the game, Football Brawl is sure to provide hours of entertainment and challenging gameplay. So grab your boots and get ready to score some goals!

Move sideways and jump with the arrow buttons. Perform various kicks with the ball buttons. Score more goals in the given time and win the match. Climb divisions and unlock all rewards. Random match powerups and player emotes are available.


Arcade Soccer Sports