Astro Race

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Get ready to blast off into the stratosphere with Astro Race, the space-themed racing io game. As you pilot your supersonic spaceship, compete against other players for the coveted pole position. Utilize the boost function to blast ahead of the competition and maintain your lead through aggressive driving techniques. Drift along the edges of the track to speed up and recharge your boost, and don't be afraid to knock into other players to keep them off their game. Climb the ranks and compete with the most skilled and determined players in the world. Astro Race is the ultimate drifting and racing experience, so buckle up and get ready to conquer the cosmos.

Desktop Game Controls / Instructions:
Left/Right Arrows = turn
Up Arrow = boost

Mobile Game Controls / Instructions:
Tap on the left: turn left
Tap on the right: turn right
Tap on the left and on the right: boost


.IO Arcade Driving Racing